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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture collects an ancient knowledge based on the observation of natural phenomena, applied for the purpose of preserving health and preventing disease. For more than 2000 years each master refined his practice and transmitted it within his family. It is a method that has been perfected through practical experience. Acupuncture is therefore a very ancient method whose empirical nature makes it surprisingly current.

Acupuncture is part of a larger knowledge system, Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is built through a deep understanding of the phenomena observable in nature. Its highest aspiration in ancient times was to promote health through a compendium of good habits based on conscious movement, breathing, diet and a balance between activity and rest..

When the equilibrium was broken the beginning of the disorder or of the illness appeared, and its manifestation could be observed in the body, the behavior or the mental state.

The way of diagnosing in Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the observation of the signs and symptoms presented by the patient, and its treatment will be specific to each person.

In the case of acupuncture the treatment is done by stimulation with needles in strategic places to improve or restore the vital flow, or rather the Qi.

For people who have not been able to have direct contact with Chinese culture, it is a challenge to integrate the concepts on which the ancient thought contained in Traditional Chinese Medicine is based, such as Qi or Yin-Yang, since they do not exist as such in Western cultures.

Acupuncture is currently taught in universities in both the East and the West and its effectiveness is evaluated according to the scientific method. It is used for various treatments, often where allopathic or conventional medicine does not have a favorable result or generates many side effects. Acupuncture is often integrated into a treatment that combines Western and Eastern medicine.

Rates and schedules

1st Session: 45€
Single session: 40€
Pack 3 sessions: 90€.

Agreed times

For more information on acupuncture:

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Cristina Poll. Acupuntura

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